• Sudhir Patwardhan

    In the past two months we have all responded with horror and grave concern to the images in the media of migrant families trudging back to their vi...
  • Pranati Panda

    The silence of the city due to the current pandemic is playing a great catalyst to my art practice As I am witnessing the divine art forms everywhe...
  • A. Ramachandran

    Long before we received ‘Corona’ with ‘Diyas’ and ‘Banging of Thalis’, I started practising social distancing to completely devote myself to my work. I never needed a mask to cover my face at any stage of my life. Even in this time of ‘lock out’, my life is confined to three rooms of my house; the living room, the bed room and the studio. Since I do not even go to the main door I do not find it necessary to wear a mask.